Retail Billing Software

NextRoot Retail Billing POS Built for a Smooth Selling

NextRoot Tech Solutions for Retail is the Retail Billing Software POS system that brings your storefront, back office and online selling all to one place. It’s the solution for making the complicated stuff simple, the way it should be.

Sell in-Store
Our retail POS system lets you do everything in seconds with straightforward controls. The fast and secure checkout experience
Inventory Management
Track and transfer your stock across locations in real time. Tag changes with preselected reasons to track why recounts occurred.
Real-time Reports
Keep tabs on how your business is performing in real time. View detailed reporting on your business by specific times of day and date ranges.
Multiple Outlet/Stores
Manage all of your locations and access purchase history across all locations. With multi-store reporting, compare multiple store analytics
Product Management
Create product variations such as size, color, and material. identify pieces of inventory with a unique serial number
Customer Insights
Keep track of what each customer likes with customer profiles. Keep the purchase history of every customer
Loyalty Program
Customers can earn rewards based on discounts, freebies or points & also their visits, spends or item purchase. It make to delight loyal customers by rewarding them systematically.
Sale Campaign
Increase customer with interactive campaigns. Reach out to the right audience through targeted campaign. Engage more repeat customers by running campaigns as promotion of your offer, discount sales.
Access Control
User Access module with predefined roles to admin, cashier, Manager. Easy to customize roles and permission to access module. multi user accounts can be created. Sales Commission modules has been integrated for sales person.


Optimize stock, make sales and learn from your data to grow.
Manage your inventory with ease Product Stock Track
Grow your business with insightful reports.
Centralize your inventory and business data onto one system
Get real-time Data Track at anytime, anywhere
Bring your POS to the sales floor
Track returns to vendors .Transfer items across multiple Outlets/Stores
Sale Notification to Customers through SMS/Email
Sales Tracking is now easy in Supplier & Customer Ledger
Products Sale Offers, Discounts, Promotional Offers.
Setup the Customer Returns in Credit Limit